Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

This video is an introduction to the WordPress admin area and dashboard. This is the environment you will be working in when you want to add or change your website content or appearance. I order to login to your dashboard go to {yourdomain URL address}/wp-admin and enter the admin user name and pasword. After logging in, the first screen you will see is the dashboard. The main pannel in the dashboard is called “right now” and it gives you an overview of your site content. It provides you with statistics about your site such as number of posts and pages, current WordPress version and theme. It also provides with a direct access to various sub panels such as posts management , page management and more. In the future, when a new version of WordPress becomes available, a message will appear telling you the new version number and will give you an option to update to the new version. You may customize the look of your dashboard by using the Screen Options which allows you to hide and unhide the various panels in the dashboard.

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