About WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress is a powerful publishing platform which  makes publishing on the Internet as easy, pleasant and fun. WordPress offers a great way for non-technical people to create and manage their website.

Why WordPress

When it comes to choosing the right web publishing tool, there is no doubt, WordPress is the best solution.  Here are the reasons we chose WordPress:

  • WordPress is an Open Source platform which means it is free! It can be used on any personal, and/or commercial website without costing you a single penny.
  • Professional look and feel can be easily achieved thanks to the Themes concept; there are thousands of excellent themes to chose from, both FREE of for a very affordable price.
  • WordPress functionality can be expanded or customized using plugins, which are add-on software modules. There are thousands of FREE plugins that can do anything you need.
  • The publishing process in WordPress is simple and intuitive
  • Easy to outsource required changes
  • WordPress is very popular. This means you can find everything you need quickly

Where to start?

Before you invest your valuable time and energy into putting up your WordPress website you should have a good plan.

Pick up a domain name – Picking up a domain name is an important step on the way to success.

Plan the content of your website – What would you like to write about? What static pages will you need? Would you like to have a blog or only static information? Do you intend to advertise on your website?

Ready ?

It is time to setup you own website. We have created a video tutorial that will walk you through the process of setting up you own WordPress website.

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