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After wasting many hours of truing to create my own website and feeling frustrated, I was recommended to attend Michelle’s WordPress website workshop and it was excellent. In 1 day, I was able to have a website that I l was proud of and my clients found very professional. I would recommend Michelle’s workshop for anyone that wants to spend more time doing what they love and making money and less time wasted on trying to do something that’s frustrating, like learning how to build a website.

Lucas Mattiello

Michelle got me set up with a WordPress website very quickly, while training me in how to be self-sufficient running it afterward. She took the time to explain some of the more complicated aspects of editing and updating the site, which made it less intimidating. I have been running the site myself since and have had no troubles managing it. Michelle also went above and beyond offering some ongoing support while I was getting up to speed at no extra cost. She really knows how to over-deliver.

Brent Seal

I had redone my website a couple times as it had never come across as professional as I wanted it to. I finally decided to invest in a high quality website through Castillo Media Group. I was very impressed by Michelle’s knowledge of the direction to take regarding my website, which I had not experienced before. Michelle knew what was needed to create the look I wanted and she was always very friendly and professional in dealings.

Carla Vanderhorst

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